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Have a good new years!

Stranger Shores. graphite and digital
I exhibited the original drawing at a small exhibition we had at the studio to celebrate the different places we’re all heading in. Henry is off to London and Maxi is already kicking it in New York. You should say hi to them.
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outside voice

Gohan going supersaiyan 2 after Cell crushes Android 16’s head.
Akira Toriyama was one of my biggest inspirations growing up. When I was 6-7 years old I was fortunate enough to be given most of the volumes of DBZ manga in it’s Cantonese translation. I couldn’t (still can’t) read Chinese characters though so I would just look at the pictures and it always amazed me how much was visually captured and conveyed in each panel. I basically learnt to draw by copying my favorite panels out of the manga, one of them being the moment Gohan transforms to a super saiyan 2.
This was meant to be my entry for dragon ball zine but unfortunately due to other obligations at the time, I missed the deadline. But if you haven’t already then go and check out all the entries for the zine on their tumblr,  they’re really awesome!

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